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Gravity don't mean too much to me

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What to tell? What to tell? I think well I'm creative in some way, obsessed with my tv shows...ok...ok most of them right about know, not all of them ;) I absolutely love my Photoshop even if it trys to drive me crazy sometimes.
I totally hate winter and everything that comes with it besides christmas ;)
I mean come on snow? No thank you very much, I can live without it and don't miss a thing.
Icepatch on roads? Nahh don't need them. And temperatures under the freezing point is a no go too.
Still I like to collect scarfs and I have a hard time passing them in stores and not buy at least one but hey to wear a scarf you don't need freezing temperatures, well I don't need them for wearing scarfs, don't know about anyone else.
Then there's my obsession with city trips, London, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Dresden, Rostock, Rome, Neapel, Bari, Zürich, New York, Washington D.C., L.A., San Diego (ohhh I love San Diego and I need to save up so I can go visit again), Bruxelles, Amsterdam... so if you search for me while I'm on vacation don't bother with the beaches in Spain or Italy most likely you'll find me in Paris cause that's next on my list ;) or in London cause I just love this island between continental europe and america too much to ignore their capital for too long...

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